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Mingder Mineral Stone Color Sorter Machine
Mingder Mineral Stone Color Sorter Machine 

Ore color sorter, Chinese mining Fuxing rise. Ore color sorter is using photoelectric principle by color distinction of ore sorting large mining technology and equipment, its application not only solve the operators of the lack of technology and quality issues, but also greatly improve the ore production, thereby reducing the cost of ore and can predicate the problem is solved. At present, there are only a few of the major manufacturers in China, which are mainly concentrated in the four major cities of China, Hefei ,Anhui. But at the same time there are some problems, for example, the majority of the production of the so-called research and development of the production of mineral color selecting machines are mostly based on the food grain color sorter, can not really meet the large quantities of ore production, but also to limit the separation of parts of the ore material. 

To such a problem, Hefei, Mingde Optoelectronic Technology based on German optical continuous improvement, through the production and research and development staff of unremitting efforts, the successful development of the most advanced ore color sorting and separating machine, become the only domestic professional mining color sorter manufacturers. In short, the introduction of mineral color sorter, and constantly develop the technology of mining production, for the development of China's ore is very important. It can not only solve the problem of domestic ore, but also opened up a new chapter in China's rapid development of mining industry. Make the domestic ore to produce a strong impact on the imported ore, get rid of its dependence on the real implementation of the new revolution of domestic ore, out of China, to the world! In this regard, ore color sorting machine should be at the pressure, continue to develop more possibilities of the field, to support the development of domestic ore, a new chapter in the development of China's mining industry booster

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